1. How do I order? It’s easy! You browse the menu of the establishment you want to order from. Click on the items you want and submit the order. 2. What happens after I order? If you order through the app, you will receive a push notification that your order has been received and is being prepared. Then, a second push notification once your order is done and on its way. If you order through the website, you will receive an email informing you that your order has been received and is being prepared. 3. What if I don’t receive and order confirmation email? If you ordered using the Wizmates platform and did not get an email confirmation (if ordered via website) or a push notification (if ordered via mobile app), this means the restaurant did not accept your order yet. For any inquiries, please call the restaurant to follow up. 4. How do I change or cancel an order once I’ve placed it? You must contact the establishment you placed the order with and cancel within 5minutes. 5. Who do I call to check on the status of my order? To check on your order, contact the establishment you placed your order with. Contact info for each restaurant will be shown on their profile page. 6. What do I do if something is wrong with my order? Immediately contact the restaurant that you ordered from and visit our contact us page to explain the situation so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. 7. How do I find restaurants near me? Wizmates app will automatically locate you and give you the restaurants that serve your area. When using the site, simply log in and change the location you are at if it is different then your default address info. 8. How much does it cost to use Wizmates? Absolutely free! Different establishments may have a surcharge for delivery but Wizmates does not have any added fees for its services. 9. Is there a minimum amount I have to spend? Some restaurants will require a certain order size to deliver to your location. 10. Can I save my payment information for future use? Of course! Each Wizmates member will have his or her address and payment information (in case of online credit card payments) saved so ordering is always convenient, fast and easy. 11. How can I pay for my order? The Wizmates platform offers its registered users 3 methods of payment: Cash on delivery, Online Credit Card Payment & Offline Credit Card Payment. However, each restaurant is free to choose the payment methods it will offer to its customers (ex. Only cash on delivery payment available). 12. Is my payment information secure? You know it! Your banking information is completely secure with our state of the art charge software. 13. How can I change my address or credit/debit card information? All of your default information can be changed in the setting section of your profile. Simply click on the settings icon and change away! 14. When is my credit/debit card charged? You will be charged as soon as you place the order. 15. Can I save multiple addresses to my profile? Yes! You can save different addresses such as “home” and “work” to easily order. Our map feature also pinpoints where you are for those must have orders when you’re somewhere new. 16. Can I add special delivery instructions to my address? Sure. There will be a space that you can type any special instructions to help the driver get your order to you even faster.

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